Our plan for when we reopen!

Dear Members,

It’s been a long time! We hope you have all been well and healthy during these past weeks.  We’ve managed to keep our head above water but it has not been easy and as we start to prepare to open our doors we will need your support more than ever.

To update you on our status, it looks like indoor gym facilities will be opening sometime in July and while the exact date(s) for reopening is still to be announced by the Government, we want to be ready and prepared to welcome you back. To facilitate this, we will be opening in two phases;

Phase 1 – COVID SAFE CLASSES and Phase 2 – RETURN TO FULL CONTACT TRAINING. It is important that we commence following government guidelines to give our members the confidence that we are taking social distancing measures seriously, so here is the plan:


  • Reactivation of frozen Direct Debits from when the gym formally re-opens.
  • Waiving default fees for any member (or a member with a partner) who has experienced a job loss or salary cut as a direct result of COVID-19.
  • Ensuring our premises is COVID-SAFE ready by following Government and industry guidelines to ensure we have the set up ready to ensure a safe return for our members i.e. maintaining 2 metres between each membertemperature checkssanitise hands on way in and way outsanitise mats between each class.
  • Pre-booking system for all classes (this will be clarified at a later date)
  • During this phase all classes will be 45 mins long with a maximum capacity of 16 people to allow time and space for entry and departure before the next class begins and to sanitise our mats.
  • We will make you train hard in preparation for a return to full contact training and competition – our promise 🙂
  • No visitors will be allowed entry unless pre-authorised.
  • Classes will continue to be live streamed for those unable to attend during social distancing measures.


  • This part is easy – we will return to full contact training when it is safe to do so. Bring it on.

We will also have new improvements to the gym when you return:

  1. 5 new hanging punch bags (16 bags in total)
  2. A new booking app and software
  3. Health and safety signage
  4. Hand towel dispenser in toilet
  5. New video door entry system for extra security

We will release further information on when we will re-open, format of the classes, timetables, membership queries, booking procedures in the coming weeks, until then keep safe, keep active and continue watching our videos online https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCamNJNWwPxvi9l_FlxRTeNA

All the best,

Tom and the Stronger Team

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