Wimbledon BJJ Club



As our BJJ family continues to grow it is worth pointing out that we are still very much underrepresented by female members. Ladies, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an incredible activity that will benefit you in every walk of life.


You are encouraged to visit us and give a class a go. Take your first step into an amazing world of fitness and endeavour and discover a strength you never thought possible.

Try your first lesson absolutely FREE!

Internal power is no joke!

Internal power of Phor Kune.

Traditional Kung Fu, SW19

Whilst Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are easily dominating the media and people’s minds, it should be pointed out that to neglect established systems in favour of these sporting pursuits is to deprive yourself of essential training.

Phor Kune Kung Fu offers an ‘old Skool’ approach to martial arts whereby to focus on sport is not the objective, but rather focuses on self-awareness, self-respect and self-discipline as the targets of achievement.

With this in mind, it’s the mental training aspect that dominates in Phor Kune. Training the mind to make you calmer, Stronger and more resilient. It’s a unique form of Kung Fu that trains you internally and externally and gives you a unique kind of strength that carries over into other streams of daily life.

Why not contact Stronger Fitness and Martial Arts to find out more about Phor Kune Kung Fu and how it can benefit you in everyday life. The first class is absolutely FREE!

Spring Bank Holiday


There will be a  morning BJJ class this bank holiday monday, 25th May 2015, between 1100 and 1230.

There will be no kids BJJ class at 1630 and no evening BJJ and MMA classes.

Have a great weekend!!!

Personal Training Sessions


Please note that our Hybrid Fitness classes are on weekdays only. The Open Gym session on Saturdays is NOT a scheduled Hybrid Fitness class. To book a Personal Training session with Jacob, please speak with him directly or contact the office.

END of April ‘BJJ’ PROMO!

Please contact us for our latest pricing plans.

Bank Holiday Monday!

This bank holiday Monday Adult BJJ class will be at 11am! Professor Bruno Ferreira will be holding court with some more awesomeness, so come on down. Bring your friends! Let them try it out!!!

(NOTE! There will be no Adults evening BJJ class. Also, there will be no Kids BJJ class on Monday 4th May 2015.)

Sam welcomes the Mayor of Merton to the launch!

Sam meets the Mayor of Merton.

Sam meets the Mayor of Merton.

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Official Launch UPDATE!!!

Saturday 11th April 2015.

1000 – Open! Visit the gym and meet the Team. Ask questions and find out about what we offer.

1100 – Arrival of Stephen Hammond MP.

1115 – Official opening ceremony by the Mayor of Merton.

1125 – Blessing of the Gym by Reverend Clive Gardner of St Mark’s Church, Wimbledon.

1130 – Open training sessions! Try it for yourselves FREE of charge. Sample MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu and Hybrid Fitness Training!

1230 – There will be an opportunity for new members to join up and also purchase training gear.

1300 – Close.